Welcome to 21/22 Membership Page

This season sees the introduction of a new online registration/membership payment system will allow the club to move forward with remote payments, clear membership levels, new options for communicating with our members via email and also to ensure we are fully GDPR compliant and move all of our consent checks online.  Another benefit of moving to this new system is that we're now able to offer a split payment option over 4 months for standard memberships (Patron members still available over 12 months).

The full information on the new membership structure can be found here as was announced 23rd July 2021 - New Membership Structure Announced

For players you will still need to follow the normal MyWRU and WRUGamelocker registration and renewal processes as communicated by the manager for your team. 

To summarise the levels:

Social Membership £40 *

Age Grade Player Membership £80 *

Age Grade Player Sibling Membership £40 ** / Age Grade Player 3rd Sibling £0 **

Creche Player Membership £40 * / Creche Player Sibling £20 ** / Creche 3rd Sibling ** (PLEASE USE AGE GRADE PLAYER 3RD SIBLING ABOVE)

Youth Membership £40 *

Patron Membership £180 *

* Available on its own or add-on to another membership
** Add-on membership

Islanders are no different to a Barry RFC player and should use the Age Grade Player Membership options. However please select Islanders instead of the Age Group on the registration form. 

Any questions or problems please email and we can hopefully resolve straight away.

Payment will be taken around 7 days after the completion of registration. 


More info about the new system we're using

LoveAdmin is a Membership Management Online system provinding an interface to simplify the adminstration overheads faced by Sports clubs and other organisations. Click on the logo below to visit the LoveAdmin website. 

GoCardless is system for payment processing and subscription management. GoCardless integrates with the LoveAdmin interface and handles all of the payment transactions and reporting bringing it into one simple system to manage.  As with all systems there are payment transaction fees and charges but Barry RFC have included these in the cost of membership levels as outlined above. 

Should you have any questions about these systems or any of the membership outlined above please use the following email address and someone should get back to you shortly or alternatively for Age Groups/Creche/Youth please speak with your manager. Email please use