11 September 2019 / Club News

6 Nations Tickets

On checking recent requests for Six Nations tickets, we noticed that quite a number of them were from people who are not fully paid up members of Barry RFC. As mentioned before this is a requirement for application and must be strictly adhered to.
It is respectfully suggested that if those involved wish to pursue their application further then they should join the club as soon as possible.
Applications for all matches will close at midnight on Friday 20th September
N.B. Children’s tickets are only available for the Italy game.
The price of tickets for each match is as follows with the children’s price in brackets for Italy:
Scotland (A) 105, (B) 95, (C) 90, (D) 65, (E) 40, (Alc. Free) 90.
France (A) 105, (B) 95, (C) 90, (D) 65, (E) 40, (Alc. Free) 90.
Italy (A) 75, (B) 65(20), (C) 60(20) (D) 50, (E) 30, (Alc. Free) 60(20).

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