Our Mission Statement

Barry RFC Mission Statement


Our Values

We will strive to the best of our ability to be a high quality well run club offering opportunities for all ages, genders and levels of ability, embracing the Welsh Rugby Union core values by creating and offering facilities and a supportive environment that promotes:

• Teamwork

• Integrity

• Act with respect and with dignity towards all others at all times.

• Show Courage, determination combined with a sense of fair play at all times.

• To be transparent in our communication and to listen, care and support each other as one family.

• To provide an environment that encourages the welfare of others, success, humour and family values

Our Vision

• To secure the long term future of Barry RFC for future generations by striving to be an excellent corporately managed Welsh Rugby Union Club and a leading provider of sports and community driven facilities in the Vale of Glamorgan area and to be recognised as a valued contributor to the local community and surrounding area.

• To play 1VX rugby at the highest level and maintain the highest levels of skill, consistency, success and sportsmanship.

• To provide an environment within the club where participation, performance and enjoyment of the game of rugby football is prevalent above all else at all age grade levels with a view to producing young well rounded rugby players who are equipped with the professional skills and life style skills to move on to become professional rugby players or valued members our 1st VX squad.

Our Objectives

• To be the best we can be with a strong will for improvement and play senior rugby of the highest possible standard.

• To be transparent in our approach to the administration, management and communications within the club.

• To maintain respect for the club’s history and our links to the past as we strive to be innovative in our thinking and decision making as we move forward as “One Club”.