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Founded 1887

‘Over 130 years of Rugby Football in Barry’

The Constitution and Rules of

Barry Rugby Football Club Ltd




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The Club

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Objectives and Goals of the Club

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Management Framework

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Club Membership

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Membership Subscriptions

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Annual General Meeting

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Club Finances

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General Club Rules

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Social Media Rules

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Data Protection Rules

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  1. The name of the club shall be “Barry Rugby Football Club”. From 1st June 2021 the club was formed into a company limited by guarantee. The club is registered as Barry Rugby Football Club Limited (Company Registration Number 10832940) and will trade as “Barry RFC Ltd” (hereinafter will be called “the Club”)


  1. The address of the Club shall be Reservoir Field, Merthyr Dyfan Road, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan CF62 9TH. Telephone number (01446) 734806.


  1. The primary club colours will always be green, black and white and all colours associated as determined by the Board of Directors (hereinafter will be called “the Board”)


  1. The Club premises shall be open for the sale of excisable liquor at times to be decided by the Board within the permitted hours of the Club’s registration certificate and within the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003 as amended.


  1. The club is a “not for profit business”. Income and property of the Club shall be applied solely towards the promotion of its objectives and no part shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, by way of dividend, bonus or salary to members of the Club (other than designated employees of the Club) or its Directors.  Reasonable expenses incurred in relation to Club business may be paid but only with sanction from the Club Treasurer and/ or Registered Directors, subject to the level of expenditure as set out at 7.7 and 7.8.






                 Our Values


  1. We will strive to the best of our ability to be a high-quality, well-run club offering opportunities for all ages, genders and levels of ability, embracing the Welsh Rugby Union core values and by following the core principles and goals of The Well-being of Future Generations Act, by creating a supportive environment and offering facilities that promote:
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Acting with respect and with dignity towards all others at all times
  • Showing courage, determination combined with a sense of fair play at all times
  • Being transparent in our communication and to listen, care and support each other as “One Club”.
  • A healthy environment that encourages the welfare of others, success, humour, family values and basic human decency.
  • Maintaining respect for the Club’s history and our links to the past as we strive to be innovative in our thinking and decision making as we move forward as “One Club”.


                 The Club Goals


  1. To secure and preserve the long-term future of “Barry RFC” for generations to come by striving to be an excellent corporately managed Welsh Rugby Union Club and a leading provider of sports and community driven facilities in the Barry area. To be recognised as a valued contributor to the local community and surrounding area. To embrace our local community and create a community-based Hub at the Reservoir Field where local residents and organisations can become a part of the “Barry Rugby Club Family”. We will strive to follow the Seven Well-being Goals contained within The Well-being of Future Generations Act and apply them at club and community level:-
    • A prosperous club and community
    • A resilient club and community
    • A more equal club and community
    • A healthier club and community
    • A club and community which is cohesive
    • A club and community with a vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language
    • A globally responsible club and community
  2. We will utilise the 5 ways of working contained within the Act and strive to apply them at all levels within the club and community: -
    • Long -term: -The importance of balancing short-term needs with the needs to safeguard the ability to also meet long-term needs
    • Integration: - Considering how the clubs well-being objectives may impact upon each of the well-being goals, on their objectives, or on the objectives of other organisations
    • Involvement: - The importance of involving people with an interest in achieving the well-being goals, and ensuring that those people reflect the diversity of the area which the club serves
    • Collaboration: - Acting in collaboration with any other person that could help the club to meet its well-being objectives
    • Prevention:- How acting to prevent problems occurring or getting worse may help the club meet their objectives


  1. To play 1st XV rugby at the highest level and maintain the highest levels of skill, consistency, success and sportsmanship.


  1. To provide an environment within the Club for participation, performance and enjoyment of all sports, as well as the game of rugby football.  We will always be a rugby focused club and above all else we will strive to set by example, teach, encourage and produce young well rounded rugby players who are equipped with the professional skills and lifestyle skills to move on to become professional rugby players or valued members of our 1st XV squad and upstanding members of our local community.





  1. The management of the Club will be entrusted to the Club’s Board which will comprise of the 3 elected Registered Directors and elected De Facto Directors.


  1. The Board of Directors will be comprised of:
  • The Club Chairman - Registered Director
  • The Club Secretary – Registered Director
  • The Club Treasurer – Registered Director
  • Other elected De Facto Directors


  1. Candidates for election to Registered Director (Honorary Office) and the Board, with exception of the Club President, must be nominated and seconded in writing by 2 members. The nomination, together with the written consent of the candidate to accept office if elected, must reach the Club Secretary by no later than the 14 days before the relevant Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at which they are seeking appointment. Existing Officers seeking re-election need not apply in writing. The Board also has the authority to co-opt new Directors by way of carried resolution at any monthly Board meeting.


  1. The Board should be limited to no more than 10 Directors, unless resolution is carried upon recommendation by the Board to increase that number. The Board will meet on the first Wednesday of each calendar month and as regularly as deemed necessary at the direction of the Registered Directors.


  1. The Chairman shall preside over all meetings at which he is present and shall sign the minutes. In his absence, the Chairman duly elected by those present at the meeting shall act as Chairman for the purposes of that meeting. However, in the event of a split vote the decision will be deferred to the next meeting.


  1. A figure equal to 50% of the total number of the Board will constitute a quorum (the minimum number of members that must be present) to enable the meeting to take place. To pass resolution a figure equal to 50% of the total number of the Board must be present, which must also include a minimum of 2 Registered Directors.


Conduct of Board Meetings


  1. All business shall be transacted through the chair.


  1. Any motion not moved when called by the Chairman shall be considered dropped and may not be carried forward unless the Chairman allows.


  1. Any motion or amendment lost may not be moved again at the same meeting.


  1. The ruling of the Chairman on a point of order shall be final


  1. Any standing order (rule) may be suspended in case of urgency or on a motion made, provided two-thirds of the members present so decide.


  1. The Board shall have the power to require any member to appear in person before it for the purpose of holding investigations into any matter that may adversely affect the Club. Members refusing to do so may be expelled from the club for a discretionary period.


  1. The Club Captain will be chosen by the Head Coach in consultation with the players and approved by the Board.


                Named Registered Directors


  1. The Club (“Company”) must select 3 Registered (Legal) Directors who must be recorded as such with Companies House. It is the responsibility of the Board to ensure the transition of outgoing Registered Directors and incoming Registered Directors is done as set out at (3.3)


  1. The 3 Registered Directors must always be comprised of the Club Chairman, the Club Secretary and the Club Treasurer, unless alternative Directors are named in accordance with a carried resolution from Club members at an AGM or EGM.


  1. The Registered Directors responsibilities and legal duties to the Club are:
    • to act within their powers and exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence so to act in the best interests of the Club and its members at all times, and in doing so be responsible for controlling, managing and directing the affairs of the Club
    • to ensure annual accounts and returns are produced and received by Companies House.
    • to keep accurate and up-to-date company records.
    • to be responsible for the health and safety of its members and employees
    • to be answerable to its members
    • to avoid and/or declare any potential conflicts of interest in relation to the Club’s dealings with any 3rd parties or outside organisations or any internal matters within the Club that may arise as a result of dispute or disciplinary action.
    • not to accept any form of monetary reward from any 3rd parties who do have, or are endeavoring to form, a commercial relationship with the Club.


De Facto Directors


  1. The key responsibilities of De Facto directors are:
    • to act within their powers and exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence so to act in the best interests of the Club and its members at all times, and in doing so be responsible for controlling, managing and directing the affairs of the Club.
    • to be answerable to its members
    • to avoid and/or declare any potential conflicts of interest in relation to the Club’s dealings with any 3rd parties or outside organisations or any internal matters within the Club that may arise as a result of dispute or disciplinary action.
    • not to accept any form of monetary reward from any 3rd parties who do or are endeavoring to form a commercial relationship with the Club.


                Termination of Director’s Term of Office


  1. A person shall cease to be a director of the Club if that person is prohibited from being a director by law.
  2. A person shall cease to be a director of the Club if that person is made subject to a bankruptcy order.
  3. A person may cease to be a director of the Club if that person enters into any form of debt management plan with creditors or is convicted of a serious criminal offence, as determined in strictest confidence by the Board.
  4. A person shall cease to be a director of the Club if a registered medical practitioner who is treating that person gives a written opinion to the Club stating that the person has become physically or mentally incapable of acting as a director.
  5. A person shall cease to be a director of the Club if, without agreement or notice, that person is absent from a board meeting for more than 3 consecutive months.
  6. A person shall cease to be a director of the Club if the Board unanimously vote to request that person’s resignation.
  7. If the Club Chairman, Club Secretary or the Club Treasurer are removed from office as a director of the board for whatever reason, they shall be deemed to have resigned from office and the vacancy shall be filled in accordance with (3.3).




  1. Every member of the Board and every other person who undertakes obligations, whether by way of guarantee or otherwise, on behalf and at the request of the Club or Board, shall be indemnified out of the assets of the Club against all costs, charges, losses and liabilities which may be sustained or incurred in or about the execution of his/her Office or discharge of his/her obligations or otherwise in relation thereto.


  1. The Registered Directors may decide to purchase and maintain insurance, at the Club’s expense, for the benefit of any relevant member or officer in respect of any relevant loss.





  1. In accordance with the Memorandum of Association of Barry Rugby Football Club Limited each elected member agrees to become a member of the Company.


  1. Every Member of the Company undertakes to contribute such amount as may be required (not exceeding £1) to the Company's assets if it should be wound up, while he or she is a member or within one year after he or she ceases to be a member, for payment of the Company's debts and liabilities.


  1. If the Company is wound up or dissolved and after its debts and liabilities have been satisfied, any asset residue shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Company but shall be given or transferred to some other similar “not for profit” organisation, preferably local to the club and chosen by the members of the Club at or before the time of dissolution.


  1. Membership of the Club shall be open to anyone interested in becoming part of the “Barry Rugby Club Family”. Regardless of sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, religion or any other form of belief. The Club will not tolerate any form of abuse, discrimination or bullying.  Everybody is welcome to join and be a part of the Club. The only limitation that could apply to membership will only ever arise if there is limitation on numbers in compliance with health and safety concerns in connection with the provision of Club facilities and or appropriate supervision.



  1. Application forms can be provided upon request by the membership manager, from behind the Club bar or applications can also be completed online via the Club website. The prospective member must indicate the type of membership required and provide as much information as possible including their full name, address, phone number/s, email address, bank details.


  1. All subscriptions will be due upon gaining membership or paid monthly in accordance with terms as prescribed by the Board.


  1. The Board may refuse membership, or remove it, only for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring the Club or sport into disrepute. Appeal against refusal or removal may be made to an Appeals Committee which will comprise of 4 independent ordinary club members and a minimum of 2 of the Club’s Directors. Any person declined membership will not be permitted to enter and enjoy the facilities of the Club except as a visitor attending a privately booked function.


  1. All members shall have the right to enter the Clubhouse and to use and enjoy the facilities of the Club and to introduce into the Club visitors as guests in their company, and to purchase alcohol, food and refreshments.


  1. The Board shall reserve the right to exclusively for one class of membership and/or to close any room within the Club for any purpose (for example, a private party) and to charge admission into the Club for any particular purpose at any time.


  1. Any member or group of members may meet the Board at a meeting for the purpose of making any application or to pursue an appeal to the Board regarding any decision affecting such member/s that have been made within the last 28 days, but written notice must be given to the Club Secretary at least 3 days before the date of the Board Meeting.


  1. Playing Members shall be players of all ages and gender who during the relevant season shall be registered with the Welsh Rugby Union as players of Barry Rugby Football Club.


  1. Honorary Life Members shall only be appointed by the Board. Ordinary Members of the club have the right to put forward to the Chairman in writing at any time any person who in their opinion, merits this honor, and such Honorary Members shall enjoy the full rights of membership. The number of Honorary Life Members appointed shall never exceed 5% of the total membership.


  1. Ordinary Members shall usually be non-playing social members or the parents of players who shall receive full membership rights.


  1. Patrons shall also be Ordinary Members of the Club and as such shall receive the benefits that are enjoyed by a full member in addition to any additional benefits conferred by the Board.





  1. Subscription shall be annual. Player subscription applies to both male and female players. The level of subscription will be determined by the Board and reviewed periodically as required in accordance with the improvement and provision of Club facilities. However, there is in place through monthly team reports a provision for the Board to grant any member of limited financial means compensatory dispensation with regards to payment of subscriptions. The welfare needs of our local community and members will always come first.


  1. If a member refuses to pay membership due, the Board has the discretion to put in place any sanctions that it sees fit in the circumstances, including suspension from the Club and grounds.






  1. The Club shall hold in every calendar year its AGM at such time and place as may be determined by the Board, but usually taking place at the Clubhouse in the month of September and not more than 15 months after the last AGM.


  1. Notice of the AGM must be publicised in writing no later than 28 days before the date of the AGM. The Club website and the Club social media accounts will be deemed sufficient for such notice.


  1. The minimum number of Club members (Quorum) to be present to allow the AGM to proceed is 15.


  1. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Club shall be held if:
    • Called by the Board
    • Upon receipt by the Board of a formal request in writing by at least 1/3rd of the total membership of the Club.   
    • In the event of circumstances arising as set out at (3.17 to 3.23)


  1. The AGM shall be held for the following purposes:


  • The Chairman/Director will bring the AGM to order and address minutes from the last meeting and any matters arising from those minutes. Present to the members the activities of the Club since the last AGM.
  • The Club Treasurer/Director will present the Annual Financial Report.
  • The Club Youth Secretary and or any delegated representatives will present to the members the activities of the minis, juniors, youth and girls/ladies’ sections since the last AGM.
  • The Club Secretary/Director will present candidates for election to office, take Votes from the membership and present detail of next year’s Board of Directors.
  • The Club Secretary/Director will propose any Resolutions which have been given to the membership on Notice of the AGM and announce the results.
  • Any resolutions to be considered by the membership must be publicised in writing no later than 21 days prior to the AGM. The Club website and social media accounts will be deemed sufficient for such notice.






  1. All financial affairs will be overseen by the Club Treasurer/Director who will report back to the Board monthly and work closely with fellow Registered Directors.


  1. The Club will maintain a number of bank accounts, which are set out as follows:


  • General club account for operational purposes.
  • Membership account
  • Merchandise account
  • Fundraising/Savings account
  • Lottery account


  1. The responsibilities of the Club Treasurer/Director will be to:


  • pay employees and manage employee records
  • paying club operational bills and recording the information
  • keep up-to-date records of all financial transactions
  • ensuring that all funds are spent properly
  • issuing receipts for all money received and recording this information
  • reporting regularly to the Board on the Club’s financial status
  • preparing year-end statements of accounts
  • presenting an end of year financial report to the AGM
  • managing allocation and payment for international rugby tickets
  • prepare and submit any statutory documents that are required for VAT, tax returns or applications for grant funding.
  • filing of annual accounts and other statutory returns with Companies House


  1. The Board has the authority to borrow money to a limit of £50,000 for the purposes of the Club or other such amount as is authorised by an AGM or EGM from time to time and at such a rate of interest and in such form and manner and upon such security as shall be determined by the Board. The Board will have the authority to use the Club property as security for all or part of such borrowing.


  1.  The Club will not pay or permit players to be paid, either directly or indirectly, such as through a sponsor or third-party.


  1. The Registered Directors will have Internet access to all bank accounts and each director will have possession of and authority to use a designated Club debit card.


  1. Any purchase to be made on behalf of the Club exceeding £1,000 but not exceeding £5,000 must be sanctioned by all 3 Registered Directors.


  1. Any purchase to be made on behalf of the Club exceeding £5,000 must be sanctioned by the Board.




Interpretation of Rules


  1. The Board shall be the sole authority for interpreting the rules and regulations of the Club, settling any disputes with consideration for the following:
    • The purpose of the rule.
    • To exercise discretion and common-sense interpretation of the circumstances in question where the rules are silent
    • Has the reputation of the Club generally been brought into disrepute?
    • Has the conduct of a member or members breached the rule in question or is there genuine merit in finding some form of informal resolution?


  1. The rules as set out in the Club Constitution shall not be altered, rescinded or added to except by a resolution of members at an AGM or EGM.


Code of Conduct/Powers


  1. Any form of disorderly behaviour or misconduct is expressly forbidden within, outside and in the vicinity of the clubhouse and grounds, or that impacts on our immediate neighbours, or the clubhouse and facilities of any other club visited by any of the Club’s players, members, parents of age grade players, volunteers or friends of any of the aforementioned. Any Club member found guilty of such misconduct or disorderliness will be liable to suspension or expulsion from the Club.


  1. Members must always respect the Club’s facilities and have particular regard for interior furnishings, fixtures and fittings. It is the responsibility of all members of the Club to ensure that any visitors to the Club respect the Club’s facilities.


  1. All players, members and age grade parents must respect and make welcome visitors to the clubhouse and the Club’s facilities. Any form of physical or verbal abuse towards any employee of the Club, representative or person associated with another club or more significantly any match official, will not be tolerated by the Club.


  1. Board members, or in their absence, the Club Steward shall have the power to expel from the Club premises any member exhibiting unacceptable behaviour. That member shall not have right of re-entry to the Club premises unless and until authorised by the Board. The Board shall also have the power to suspend or expel any member who shall infringe any rule of the Club or whose conduct shall in their opinion render them unfit for membership until such time as proceedings as set out at (8.7) have concluded.


  1. In relation to any form of sponsorship and fundraising undertaken on behalf of any team or person affiliated to the Club the following rules apply:


  • Any consultation with prospective sponsors must be ratified by the Board in advance of any formal discussions taking place.
  • It is the duty of the person negotiating sponsorship and the Board to ensure that any sponsorship secured by the Club is from a reputable source or business.
  • It is the duty of the person receiving payment of sponsorship and the Board to ensure any payment received is properly recorded and invoiced accordingly.
  • Cash payment for any form of sponsorship is to be discouraged. If sponsorship monies are paid in cash then this must be reported to the Board to ensure that Money Laundering Provisions are strictly adhered to.
  • Any fundraising activity which is proposed to take place away from the Club grounds must be ratified by the Board.
  • Any individual team fundraising event to take place within the Club or Club grounds must be ratified by the Board.



Disciplinary Procedure


  1. If a person or persons are suspected of misconduct, they will be invited to an initial meeting with the Registered Directors to establish if the matter is so serious that a formal disciplinary hearing needs to take place or alternatively the matter may be suitable to be dealt with by way of informal resolution.


  1. In the event of disciplinary proceedings being instigated, the person/s suspected of misconduct will be notified by the Club and invited to appear before a panel of no less than 5 representatives from the Board of Directors. If the person/s is under the age of 18 they can be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


  1. If the person subject to disciplinary proceedings wishes to call witness/es to give evidence to support his defence then a written statement/s from that witness/es must be provided to the panel 14 days in advance of the hearing. Similarly, any witness/es to be called on behalf of the Club will be disclosed to the person/s suspected of the misconduct within the same timeframe.


  1. The Panel adjudicating at the disciplinary hearing will assess guilt or innocence based on the legal principle of “The balance of probabilities”


  1. Below is schedule outlining the Club’s sanctions in the event that a person is found guilty by a formal Club disciplinary panel in relation to identified specific offences:





Initial Action

By Whom

1st Offence

2nd Offence


Verbal Abuse or Threatening Behaviour on Club Premises or representing the Club at other venues.


Possible Suspension from Club Premises and all associated Club activities.


Board of Directors 


4 weeks suspension from Club and all associated Club activities 


Sine Die ban from Club and all associated Club activities


Physical Assault on Club Premises or representing the Club at other venues.


Immediate Suspension from Club Premises and all associated Club activities 


Board of Directors 


3 months suspension from Club and all associated Club activities


Sine Die ban from Club and all associated Club activities


Criminal Damage on Club Premises or representing the Club at other venues.


Possible Suspension from Club Premises and all associated Club activities.


Board of Directors 


6 weeks suspension from Club and all associated Club activities


Sine Die ban from Club and all associated Club activities


Suspensions will remain on record, and be taken into consideration towards any secondary offence, as follows:

  1. Verbal abuse/threatening behaviour               1 years
  2. Physical Assault                                               5 years
  3. Criminal Damage                                             2 years





  1. These rules are in place to ensure the safety and protection of our members. These rules must be adhered to at all times so to ensure that we communicate as a Club safely and effectively using social media to communicate with Club members and the wider community. These Social Media rules aim to protect the reputation of the Club, Board, and the members they serve.


  1. These rules apply to all social media forums and accounts both existing at the time of its publication and that may emerge over time.


  1. These rules apply to all Club members, parents of Minis and Juniors and anybody wishing to establish any form of social media account bearing any identification of, or alluding to association with, Barry RFC.


  1. The regulations are as follows:
    1. It is not permitted for a social media account to carry the official name or badge of the Club or imply an association in any way with the Club without the official approval of the Club.
    2. Social media accounts registered and approved by the Board will become subject to these social media guidelines and uphold this policy at all times.
    3. Any representative of the Club wishing to establish a social media presence on behalf of the Club must apply in writing to the Board, outlining the purpose of the social media channel, demonstrating the benefits to the Club and how the practical aspects of capturing and sharing content over the channel will be managed, in addition to outlining how this policy will be upheld in relation to security and reputational risk
    4. The Club reserves the right to decline any requests received on reasonable grounds including lack of resource to effectively manage and engage across the channel, the reputation risks or if the purpose outlined is contra to the general interests/ focus of the Club as a whole.
    5. The Club can remove permission for a social media account to exist as an official account where the Board feel that the rationale for the benefit to the Club has dissolved, management of the account has become problematic or there has been a repeated breech of the social media policy.
    6. Ownership of official social media accounts. All social media accounts established on behalf of the Club, remain under the ownership of the Club at all times. Administration access to the accounts must be given up when requested by the Board.
    7. Social media accounts established on behalf of the Club will present a professional image/ shop window at all times with a description of the Club and link to the official Club website where appropriate.
    8. Each account will have a minimum of three representatives acting as administrators (one of which will be a Team Manager and or Coach) to ensure that accounts can be accessed easily during times of holiday and absence.
    9. Administrators of the Club’s official social media accounts must agree to sign up to this social media policy and conduct themselves in a way that is appropriate in upholding and building a positive image of the Club at all times.
    10. Administrators of the Club’s official social media accounts agree to use password protocols and agree that responsibility for protecting this password and access to the account (e.g., logging out effectively of browsers) remains their responsibility at all times. Any breach of this protocol must be immediately communicated to the Club and steps taken to limit the impact.
    11. Administrators of the Club’s official social media accounts will agree not to act on any conflicts of interest and must not promote their own products or services across the official social media accounts of the Club unless expressly agreed in advance by the Board.
    12. Administrators looking to endorse, promote or engage in a national campaign on behalf of official partners such as WRU or sponsors or unofficial partners such as community groups, must first seek approval from the Board to mobilise the social media channel to this effect.
    13. For the purpose of effective management and measurement, administrators will agree when requested to do so, to use relevant social media management tools/ protocols as requested by the Club.  The Club reserves the right to evolve these tools/ approaches in keeping with new trends and approaches to managing and being effective in social media delivery.
    14. Any representative of the official social media accounts for the Club must not by their actions jeopardise the privacy of any member associated with the Club. Data gathered through social media channels should not be published without the consent of the membership. This includes allowing members the option of opting out of any social media directory produced.
    15. Administrators and Users agree not to spam or communicate with members of social media groups/ forums in a way that could be determined as being of detriment to the reputation of the Club.
    16. Administrators and Users agree not to pursue public debates that could bring the Club and/or the game of Rugby into disrepute more widely or proactively provoke members of the Club to do the same.
    17. Confidentiality must be upheld across the Club social media channels at all times, no direct messages should be made public without the consent of the person responsible for the original post and content discussed within Board meetings may not be disclosed on social media unless agreed by those present.
    18. The content posted across official social media accounts must be relevant, age appropriate and uphold the Club’s reputation at all times.
    19. Administrators distributing content on behalf of the Club will ensure that the appropriate agreements have been sought on any photographs or film footage uploaded and shared within social media environments across the official accounts.
    20. Administrators of Club official accounts must be aware that any content (photos and film) posted on social media passes on ownership of the material to the social media provider e.g., Facebook, therefore, caution must be extended in passing on rights over Club material (of value) to a third party.
    21. Administrators must make all best efforts to ensure privacy of players etc. especially when injuries etc. occur. Videos/photos of injuries should not appear on official sites without express consent of the individual.
    22. It is recommended that advice is given to parents of Mini and Junior players that children under the age of 13 should not be permitted to establish a Facebook account. The nature of social media and cookie tracking in digital environments puts children under this age at considerable risk.
    23. No official Club social media channel or Administrator of the Club’s official accounts will use social media to communicate or engage with children aged under 13. Please note that parental permission does not constitute permission to breach this element of the policy.
    24. Any breaches of these rules could result in disciplinary proceedings in accordance with article (8.7)






  1. All personal data you provide to the Club will be held as appropriate and processed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Regulation. Barry RFC Ltd is registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner under the registration number ZB156618.


  1. As required by the data protection legislation, the Club is required to produce a Privacy Statement, detailing how your personal information will be processed. This Statement is as follows:




  1. The Club promises to respect and look after all personal data you share with us or is shared with us by other organisations. We will always keep it safe. We aim to be clear when we collect your data about what we’ll use it for, and not do anything you wouldn’t reasonably expect. We will never sell your personal data to other organisations, and will only ever share it in appropriate, legal, or exceptional circumstances. 


  1. We will only send marketing and other communications to you if you have explicitly stated that you want us to. We’ll also ask you what you’re interested in. 



  1. Our marketing communications include information about our events, club business, ticket & sponsorship opportunities, recruitment, membership renewal.


  1. We collect information from you in the following ways:


  1. When you give it to us DIRECTLY
    You will give us your information in order to become a member of the Club.  We are responsible for your data at all times. 


  1. When you give it to us INDIRECTLY
    Your information may be shared with us by independent sources. These independent third parties will only do this if you’ve indicated you’re happy for them to do so. You should check their privacy policy when you provide your information to understand fully how they will process your data. 



  1. When you give permission to OTHER ORGANISATIONS to share it. You may have provided permission for a company or other organisation to share your data with third parties, including charities. This could be when you buy a product or service, register for an online competition or sign up with a comparison site.


  1. Depending on your settings or the privacy policies for social media and messaging services like Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter, you might give us permission to access information from those accounts or services.


  1. The information we get from other organisations may depend on your privacy settings or the responses you give, so you should regularly check them.
  2. When it is PUBLICLY AVAILABLE.  This may include information found in places such as Companies House and information that has been published in articles/newspapers.
  3. We may combine information you provide to us with information available from external sources in order to gain a better understanding of our supporters to improve our communications, products and services. 
  4. When we collect it as you use our WEBSITES OR APPS.  Like most websites, we use “cookies” to help us make our site, and the way you use it, better. Cookies mean that a website will remember you. They’re small text files that sites transfer to your computer (or phone or tablet). They make interacting with a website faster and easier – for example by automatically filling your name and address in text fields.
  5. As well as this, cookies can tell us the type of device you’re using to access our website or apps and the settings on that device may provide us with information including what type of device it is, what operating system you’re using, what your device settings are, and why a crash has happened. This information helps us understand how people are using our website and how to make it better.
  6. Your device manufacturer or operating system provider will have more details about what information your device makes available to us.


  1. The type data and quantity of data we collect depends on why you are providing it. If you, for example, apply to be a member of the club we will usually collect:


  1. Your name
  2. Your contact details
  3. Your e-mail address
  4. Other personal information relevant to the membership application.


  1. Where it is appropriate, we may also ask for:


  1. Information relating to your health
  2. Information relating to the services you want to use
  3. We will only ever ask for information that is needed to provide the service. 


  1. If and when we collect and manage information from children, we aim to manage it in a way which is appropriate to the age of the child. 


  1. If a child is under 16, we will seek consent from a parent or guardian before collecting their information. 


  1. How we use the personal data collect from you depends on why you are providing it. We will mainly use your data to:


  1. Provide you with the services, products or information you have asked for:


  1. Club membership
  2. Volunteering
  3. Where you are a registered player, information pertaining to training, matches, fundraising activities and activities relating to your playing activities at the Club.
  4. Access to this data will always be limited to appropriate individuals with a legitimate interest in providing these services.
  5. If you enter your details onto one of our online forms, and you don’t ‘send’ or ‘submit’ the form, we may contact you to see if we can help with any problems you may be experiencing with the form or our websites.


  1. We will contact you via the e-mail address you provide.  


  1. If your child is a member of the Mini & Junior section, Team Managers will also contact you through the telephone number you provide for information regarding training and match notification this is usually done through Heja and What’s App.



  1. We will only ever contact you with direct marketing about our Club activities and campaigns with your explicit consent. We will also include information on how to opt out when we send you marketing.


  1. We do not sell or share personal details to third parties for the purposes of marketing. But occasionally, we may include information in our communications from partner organisations or organisations who support us.


  1. If you change your mind at any time, and no longer want to hear from us, that’s fine. Just let us know when you provide your data.


  1. It is important for us to have clear records on how you’ve interacted with us. This helps us to make sure your experiences of Barry RFC are the best they can be. 


  1. We may also collect and retain your information if you send feedback about our services, give us a compliment or make a complaint. 


  1. We believe it’s important to make sure that all of our services are the best they can be.  That’s why we ask for feedback and evaluate them.


  1. We may get in touch to ask you about your experiences with the Club. There’s no obligation to take part, but it really helps highlight ways we can make things better in future.


  1. Barry RFC may also be required to share your details in exceptional circumstances. For example, where legally required by the police, regulatory bodies or legal advisors.


  1. We will only ever share your data in other circumstances if we have your explicit and informed consent.


  1. We make sure that there are appropriate measures and controls in place to protect your personal details. For example, our membership forms, once processed, are held securely by the Membership Secretary.  


  1. We try and keep our records up-to-date so we send you the most relevant information, using the correct contact details. If your personal details change, we would really appreciate it if you let us know.


  1. You have a right to ask us to stop processing your personal data, and if it’s not necessary for the purpose you provided it to us for we will do so. 


  1. You have a right to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you. If there are any discrepancies in the information we provide, please let us know and we will correct them.


  1. If you want to access your information, send a description of the information you want to see and proof of your identity by post to Data Controller, Barry RFC Ltd, 27 Ffordd Cwm Cidi, Barry, CF62 6LH. We do not accept these requests by email. This is so we can make sure that we only provide personal data to the right person.


  1. We review this policy annually and may update it from time to time. If we make any significant changes in the way we treat your personal information we will make this clear on our website or by contacting you directly.